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Select-O-Sep offers a variety of analytical services including soil, water, and natural resource testing to meet the increasing environmental concerns of individual landowners, farmers, and natural resource businesses.  A variety of testing procedures are available including standard EPA methods as well as those compliant with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) pre-drilling criteria.  We offer sample pickup and storage plus expert witness testimony

If you are concerned that drilling activities may contaminate your water supply, then we can help. If you have recently leased or are thinking about leasing your land to oil and gas companies and want a baseline of your water prior to that, then we can help.  If you are concerned that your water may have been contaminated from run off from neighboring land, then we can help.  We offer the following services:

Quick Screen - $95

This screen includes testing for pH, Total Hardness, Alkalinity, Iron, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Phosphate and Nitrate.  This screening is recommended if you are considering installation of a water softener or some other filtering device.

Standard Screen - $165

This screen includes all of the above listed in the Quick Screen plus, Total Dissolved Solids, Sulfate, Conductance, Sodium and Calcium.  This is the minimum recommended before any drilling activities begin on your land or neighboring land.

Standard Plus - $260

Includes Standard Screen plus Barium, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, and Strontium. (This screen is compliant with ODNR pre-drilling criteria)

Expanded Water Screen - $380

This screen includes both the Quick and Standard Screens plus Copper, Lead, Zinc and GC screening for organics.  Additionally, 1 year of archiving your sample under controlled conditions is included.

Sampling Fees:  (If you do your own sampling, it may not be accepted should legal issue arise)

Zone 1:  within 10 miles of laboratory - $55.00

Zone 2:  within 20 miles of laboratory - $75.00

Zone 3:  within 30 miles of laboratory - $95.00

These fees are in addition to the screening/testing fees.

Payment Method:

We accept cash or check only.  Should a check be returned for "insufficient funds", you will be be charged a returned check fee.  A full report will be sent after your check has cleared or after payment has been made.

Other Services

Sample Archiving:  We will store your original sample for $5/month.  The purpose behind archiving is to preserve your original sample and to give you an initial baseline should you think that a problem has arisen due to drilling or other activities.  If you chose to have the Standard Screen preformed and want to have the sample archived let us know and you will receive a discounted price of $205 for screening and archiving. Standard Plus archiving, if informed prior to sampling is $275 for screening and archiving.

We also do individual testing for:

Coliform Presence/Absence Test - $50

Single Elements/Chemical (i.e., copper, lead, etc.) prices are dependent on what is done but generally run $25 - $45 each

Soil Screening:  Single sample $55 Three Soil Samples $150 Assay includes: pH, Phosphate, Nitrate, Sulfate and Alkalinity

Rush Sampling: An Additional $35 per sample

Custom Assay Method Development, Consulting Services and Measurement Support for Environmental and Analytical Research Projects - Please contact us for quote.

Expert Witness:  Should legal issues arise regarding your water, we can provide expert testimony at the rate of $300/hour plus expenses.

Turn around time for the complete analysis and report to be sent is 2 weeks.


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